Monday, June 7, 2010

Zoom zooms.

Leah had a blast at her daddy's race yesterday... At first, she thought every man in cycling gear on a bike was her dada. She even walked right up to a guy on a bike near us and said "hi dada." He laughed. Once she figured out which one was really her daddy, she was confused (and a little sad) that every lap she saw him he'd go speeding away without stopping to say hi and hug her. But she loved the bikes - she called them "zoomzooms."

She also got to see and pet a lot of "goggies." One woman mentioned that her doggy Molly was very friendly. Leah responded "I gentle," and petted the doggy very nicely.

After the race, Leah finally got her big squeeze from daddy, and he carried her all around the race to meet people. Pretty great night :)


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