Saturday, June 5, 2010

great week.

We had a really great week. Last weekend, we saw lots and lots of friends. On Saturday was Paige's 1st Birthday. Leah got to see lots of her old friends from the westside :)

On Monday, we went over for an impromptu BBQ with the Lundells... Leah ate her weight in berries, hung out in Lenna's rocker, played with toys, and practiced running up and down their hill.

The rest of the week was easy peasy. It was pretty rainy, but we managed to sneak out for a couple of trips to the park.

On Wednesday, Clara came over to hang out, and the girls wore their raincoats outside and played in the grass. Pretty fun.

On Thursday, we celebrated Noelle's 1st Birthday! She had a garden party, and Leah had a blast planting her own tickle-me-plant. Of course, everytime I said "tickle-me-plant," Leah thought I was saying "tickle me land" which is her favorite song. It confused her a bit. :)

On Friday, we did lots of shopping and lots of crafting. Leah found a $10 rocker which we made-over in raspberry pink. We'll add a cushion later this weekend. We're also working on Leah's friends BIG first birthday party - should be a blast.

Today Leah hung out with daddy in the morning like she does every Saturday, while mommy went to yoga... she took a big nap, and then showed dad how much she loves the park. Tomorrow we're headed to the U District for Daddy's race.


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