Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh No!

The best week of the whole year and no updates to show for it! Here we go!

Last week was awesome. On Tuesday, birthday day, after present time, we went out for breakfast with Grandma Lauren, Clara, and Liz. Leah took a little nap and we headed to UW Hospital to visit where Leah was born... we brought the nurses some brownies and visited with the fishies in the tank. :) For lunch we went to Agua Verde, a yummy mexican restaurant. Leah had some quesadilla and yummy lemonade. When we got home, we relaxed, napped, and then had dinner and sang happy birthday, and ate carrot cake. What a great day!

On Thursday, Leah had her pajama birthday party with all of her friends - Clara, Lilah, Noelle, Annika, Jimmy, and her Westside friends Paige and Lenna! It was so fun.

Over the weekend, daddy was out racing his bike, so us girls (Grandma Lauren too) hung out around the house, worked on projects, went for walks, and played in the garden.

This week has been pretty quiet. We said goodbye to Grandma Lauren on Monday, and relaxed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Today we went to Grass Lawn with Clara, Lilah, Noelle and Olive, and played in the garden.


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