Monday, March 22, 2010


Oh gosh. We haven't updated in a while, but lots and lots has happened! We've seen lots of friends and family - we had a picnic with Billy, Clara, and Lilah last Thursday, and a really fun breakfast with Lilah and Clara on Friday. The girls ate pancakes, quiche and lots of fruit.

On Saturday & Sunday, Grandpa Tim, Grandma Sue, Uncle Matt, and Aunt Kristen came to visit! Saturday was a beautiful beautiful day, so we went downtown. We visited Pike's Place Market, the Space Needle, and lots of things in between. Leah learned to say "I want" which scored her a new stuffed puppy friend at a store (thanks grandpa!) On Sunday, we relaxed during the day, and went to Rock Bottom Grill for dinner, where Leah had her very first kid's meal - mac and cheese and broccoli! She loved it so much.

Leah is talking and walking a ton now. She walks about 60% of the time now - choosing to stand and walk when she used to sit and crawl. What a gal :)


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