Thursday, February 4, 2010

rough week.

Leah has had a pretty rough week... she started to get a cold on Monday morning (not nearly as bad as the Christmas cold,) but still very uncomfortable. Lots of coughing and sniffling which calls for lots of snuggling and napping. We've had to cancel most of our play plans for the week, which was a bummer.

To make matters worse, today she fell down while standing next to a chair... At some point between hitting the chair and her head hitting the floor, her teeth cut into her labial frenum (the little thing that attaches your top lip to your front gums.) Our little tough lady only cried for a few minutes, then happily sucked on a freezie. We were able to look inside to see that she cut through about 50% of the frenum, but a phone call to the doctor reassured us that this frenum serves no purpose, but will most likely grow back without a problem. But I bet it hurts quite a bit.


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