Sunday, February 21, 2010

hello spring!

This weekend, we spent a ton of time outside because it was sooooo beautiful out. On Saturday, Leah and I ate lunch outside while we waited for daddy to get back from his morning bike ride. We all went to Target, took naps, and went for a walk around Grass Lawn park. Leah loved looking at all of the kids, but got a little tired and cold towards the end of our walk. :(

Today we went down to the Kirkland waterfront for a picnic lunch. Leah loved seeing all of the dogs, the waves on the beach, and most of all, the ducks. She kept saying "duck. duck. duck." but I thought she was saying dog. She looked at me with a scrunchy face and pointed to the duck saying "duck." I'm still getting used to her knowing the right words for things. :)

Before bed, Leah climbed around on the couch with Daddy and giggled and giggled and giggled.


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