Wednesday, December 30, 2009

midwest tour.

Leah has been continuing her inaugural tour of the Midwest. On Monday, we drove from the Kentucky lake house up to Indiana for an overnight pit stop. Leah met Great-Grandma Jean, Great-Grandpa Bill, Uncle Marty, Aunt Cindy, Maggie, Jeffrey, and Aunt Marilyn. On Tuesday, we woke up and drove over to meet Great-Grandma Lee and Great-Grandpa Richard.

Grandpa Tim and Grandma Sue drove to Indiana that morning to pick us up and take us back to sweet home Chicago. She saw Aunt Kristen Grace and Uncle Matt, and opened more presents.

On Wednesday, we had breakfast at Walker Brothers with good friends Jeff and Melissa. Mommy had an apple pancake and Leah had silver dollar pancakes. When we got back, Great-Grandma Perek and Uncle Tom came over to meet Leah. It was great. :)

We rested in the afternoon, and at night drove to Wilmette to see Grandma Dianne, Grandpa Art, Great-Grandpa Paustian, and all of the Paustian aunties, uncles, cousins, and friends. Cousin Katie brought her little sister Grace, and Leah thought she was the best ever.


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